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CASE STUDIES - Case Study 8

Case Study 8

Supporting New Retail

Centre: An outdoor, part-covered centre in the Midlands, anchored by Tesco, with an average weekly footfall of 150,000.

Background: The strategy for this centre included an objective to increase the variety of commercial activity on site.  Specifically, the landlord was keen to encourage individual and unique kiosks that showcased local business and added a point of difference to the standard mall kiosks already in situ.

Approach: When starting this process Asset Space had to consider practical issues around the lack of power on site and the open nature of the scheme.  As such, the unit would need to be self-supporting as well as offering something unique to the centre.

We identified a small online business offering hand-made bath bombs and cosmetic products.  The business owner wanted to expand to have a physical presence but did not know how to start.  We recognised that this was exactly what the landlord was looking for and worked closely with the owner to develop his ideas and get to the position of being able to trade.

Result: After discussing the product, expectations and plans for the brand with the business owner, we worked closely with him and the landlord client to find the best solution to meet the needs of all parties.  We agreed on the cart style display unit which was custom built to meet all visual and practical requirements.  By the time we were ready to place the cart, a location with power became available, allowing the operator to add lights to enhance their product.

The landlord and centre management team are extremely pleased with the results, actively promoting the operator on the centre’s Facebook page.  After an initial period of two weeks, the operator has extended his term with a view to building on the early interest and raising brand awareness.

Testimonial: “Thank you for your time and effort, I really appreciate what you have done and your patience with me.” Business owner.